Membership Qualifications

FEI members are financial executives from across all industry segments including both for profit and non-profit entities. Members hold a variety of organizational positions and can include members of company boards and audit committees* as well as financial executives who are "in-transition". In addition, individuals holding certain academic or governmental positions also qualify. If you have questions about qualifications please contact us.

Who Qualifies?

The FEI Executive Membership category is our largest category of membership, and is open to those individuals who perform some or all of the duties of a financial executive, as defined by FEI, and who serve companies of sufficient size. Applicants for Executive Membership must meet the specified requirements, and must hold an FEI qualifying title.

Typically Qualifying Titles*

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Accounting Officer, Controller, Treasurer, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Planning and Analysis, Vice President of Taxes, Vice President of Pension Fund Investments, Vice President of Risk Management, Director of Finance, Taxes, Treasury, Accounting, and Audit Committee Member

In addition, typically qualifying titles also include the following Senior Manager or Manager titles: Accounting, Auditing (General/Internal), Borrowing & Investments, Budget, Cash, Collections, Compliance, Country, Credit, Finance, Corporate Finance, International Finance Project Finance, Trade Finance, Financial Analysis, Financial Planning & Analysis, Financial Reporting, Foreign Exchange, Investor Relations, Planning, Pension & Investment, Risk, Tax, Treasury.

*Excludes professionals currently employed by audit firms, consulting firms and service providers

Qualifying Company Size Criteria (in USD)
  • $2 million in net worth, or
  • $6 million in capital (combined net worth and long-term debt), or
  • $10 million or more in annual revenues
  • $8 million in operating expenses
  • $200 million in total assets (Financial institutions)
  • $40 million total assets (Government corporations / authorities)
In-Transition Membership Criteria

Membership in the In-Transition category is open to applicants who have held a qualifying position (see Typically Qualifying Titles, above) anytime during the past 5 years, and meet FEI’s other criteria for membership.


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