Technology Survey Provides Insights

December 1, 2015

For the past seven years, CFIT and FERF have partnered with Gartner to survey CFOs to better understand their current use of technology and what additional IT support they still need. The majority of technology deficiencies identified in the 2015 “Technology Issues for Financial Executives” survey can be addressed by making strategic improvements in analytics.

In the 2015 survey, Gartner presented CFOs with 14 business process areas and asked them to select the top three that need improved technology support.  All but reducing operating expenses are directly linked to business intelligence (BI), financial CPM (corporate performance management) and strategic CPM analytics. To download John Van Decker’s complete 2015 survey results, click here:

Because you are a financial executive with a special interest in how the finance function can leverage the use of technology, we would encourage you to take the 2016 survey. The only information that you will need to know ahead of time is your company’s annual revenues and industry.