Virtual | Recession Response Strategies

May 06, 2020
8:00 am to 9:00 am

Businesses are in triage mode, focused on the here and now, by necessity as COVID-19 caught the entire world unawares. 

At some point, this will end, the economy will recover, and life will return to some semblance of normal. Many companies will endure and get back to business as usual. But if returning to “business as usual” is the only objective, when the next crisis occurs, we will be no better prepared to combat it.  Instead, the goal should be to get to better than usual.

Business Resiliency and Recession Response Strategy

With new opportunities and threats emerging, and an uncertain economic outlook, business as usual will no longer cut it. In BDO’s session, we discuss how businesses can start thinking now about what the post-COVID-19 landscape will look like—and make plans accordingly—to be poised to thrive by optimizing costs and driving breakaway performance, even in a downturn.  We’ll cover:

  *  Why Covid-19 is the latest black swan event and what we can learn from this

  *  The integral components needed for bouncing back in a downturn
  *  Cost optimization strategies to see your business through an uncertain market
  *  A deep-dive into our four stage framework, a cross-discipline roadmap addressing the short, mid, and long-term solutions needed to drive resiliency.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 08:00