Supply Chain in a Post-COVID Environment

Dec 16, 2020
3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Few other functions have been affected by COVID more than supply chain management.  The challenge to bring finished goods to market is immense.  The impact on the market is historic; for the first time since World War II, consumers are having to traverse rationing for common household products. COVID is also changing what business buyers find important.  This means supply chain leadership need to change showing how they define value.  In a post-COVID environment, the key is in understanding which value changes are permanent and which will revert to a pre-COVID framework.

Using insights developed from hundreds of interviews with supply chain leadership, including buyers, distributors and OEMs, this presentation will show how key stakeholders are changing the way they think about supply chain issues.  This presentation will also show ways in which companies can demonstrate leadership across the supply chain in order to take advantage of the new value equation.
CPE:  1 Credit


Dan Reilly, Senior Vice President, SMS Research

Dan is currently Senior Vice President for SMS Research, the market research division of Padilla.  In this role, Dan helps clients answer business questions – not provides pages of data tables – as well as provides leadership to the division. Dan’s ability to explain complex concepts in relatable terms to others is often mentioned as his strength. Dan’s 25 years of market research experience means he’s seen it all when it comes to projects and methodologies.

Dan has worked in a number of industries, including healthcare, consumer, retail, manufacturing, and financial, and has held leadership positions in a market research capacity for companies such as John Deere and Wells Fargo. Dan was President of the Upper Midwest chapter of the Insights Association and is currently President-elect of the MN chapter of the AMA.  Dan holds both an MBA and a PhD.  He lives in Minneapolis.

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