Career Management Monthly Meeting

Oct 10, 2023
8:00 am to 9:15 am
6465 Wayzata Blvd
Suite 800
Minneapolis, MN 55426

For those in-transition, or considering a transition, we encourage you to attend our FREE Career Management Networking Meeting.  This meeting is to connect financial executives who are in transition (or considering a transition) for the purpose of networking toward gainful employment.



This is a joint meeting with FEI and FENG.  Members, potential members and guests are welcome.


If you would like additional information please feel free to contact Career Management Chair Eric Mitchellette



Author Kurt Schmidt

Kurt will offer insights used to grow his business and his experience in advising other professionals in their careers or building their businesses.

Pre-registered attendees will receive a copy of the book.

About the Author

Kurt Schmidt is the president of Foundry (, a pioneering software company that serves a wide variety of B2B industries. He uses his management, leadership, and coaching experience to inspire career-focused people to grow in their day-to-day work. He is also the host of The Schmidt List—a podcast that has connected him with some prominent leadership minds.
With decades of work experience, Kurt has learned the best-kept secrets for business success. Through his podcast, coaching, and other networks, he shares valuable wisdom and helps professionals to succeed.

For more information—or to listen in on his latest conversation—visit

Tuesday, October 10, 2023 - 08:00
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